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Giving back is part of Good Earth Gifting's core values to support people and the planet.

We work with local Canadian brands who also stand for this

Gifts that give back to causes that align with our values.

Whether it be a cause, a particular non-profit or a community, each of these ethical & sustainable brands dedicate partial profits to something more than the brand itself. With each purchase you make, a percentage goes into a mission they care for deeply. Support a mission beyond consumerism.

As makers of a green lifestyle, sustainable product we have a responsibility to the wildlife we are working to preserve, the environment we impact and the people who make the ingredients we use.

Together, we can make an impact on the world around us. Starting with the gifts we give and the people we support. As part of our giving back program, we are partnering with the following Canadian organizations: Included with every purchase is a donation to a non-profit organization of your choice.

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