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Privacy Policy


This Good Earth Gifting Inc. Privacy Policy (the 'Policy') describes how we collect, use, and share the information about you when you visit our website ('Site') or call us on the phone.

By 'personal information', we mean 'information' that directly identifies you, such as your name, address, or email address. In this Policy, 'we' and 'our' mean Good Earth Gifting Inc and 'you' or 'your' means any user who visits our Site, uses our services, or a person who calls us on the phone.

If we make changes to our privacy practices, we then update this Policy.

By accepting the Policy at registration or by visiting and using our Site or Services, you expressly consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Core Principles

We at Good Earth Gifting consider your privacy to be extremely important to us, and trust is the foundation of our platform - this includes trusting us to do the right thing with your personal information. Our three core principles, which could help you better understand how we handle your information and privacy are as follows:



  • Your personal information is fundamentally yours, and we collect this data to improve the quality, efficiency, safety and customization of your experience on our Site.

  • We carefully evaluate and analyze what types of information we need to customize our services and features for you, including identity confirmation and billing information.

  • We try to limit the information we collect to only what we really need, including when you register for an account or if you contact us directly.

  • When we ask you to provide your information, we will be sure to let you know the information we are asking for, and the reason we are asking for it.

  • We don't ask for your information unless it's absolutely necessary, and we never share it without your permission; however, this policy doesn't protect your data from being shared.



  • Your personal information is fundamentally yours, and it’s our job to keep it safe.

  • We don’t use your information or share it with anyone except to provide you with services, products, to comply with the law, or to protect our rights.

  • If a third party requests your personal information, we will refuse to share it unless you give us permission or we are legally required. When we are legally required to share your personal information, we will inform you in advance, unless we are legally forbidden to do so.

  • We will only disclose or share your information with third parties only in the ways that are described in this Policy, or as otherwise in accordance with instructions provided by our Subscribers. We do not sell your personal information to third parties.



  • We have implemented safe and reliable security practices and encryption.

  • For billing or payment purposes, your credit card information is not stored on our system unless you choose to use our Site's auto-fill function. Your information is protected and only disclosed to the operator or operating system making the payment. Where possible, we delete, remove or anonymize your payment information when it is no longer needed.

  • We use third party systems when processing payments. Please be aware that you are also providing data to these, and if you have concerns regarding this, review privacy and terms of services with any third party system before entering your personal and payment information.


What Information Do We Collect

We collect a variety of types of information which include these examples:

  • Personal identifiers and contact information - such as your name, address, phone number, or email address(es).

  • Profile and account information, which may include your contact information, purchases, and preferences, as well as, your account password, items in your online shopping cart or saved for future purchase, product review information, and other information about your profile or account.

  • Preference information like your contact information and preferences, interests, items in your online shopping cart or saved for future purchase, product review information, and other information to determine your options.

  • Purchase or other commerce information - such as the items you buy, gift boxes you have custom made, shipping address, and contact information.

  • Payment information and payment method - debit or credit card - with number and other information required to complete the process of payment, and billing address.

  • Demographic information including but not limited to your age, birth date, gender, postal code, status as an account holder and other information

  • Communications and interactions, which may include email messages, chat sessions, text messages, and phone calls that we exchange with you.

  • Location or other location finder of the device that you use, if your settings allow us to collect location information.

  • Device and browsing information and other Internet activity information, including information about the device you are using (e.g. your phone, tablet, computer, laptop, etc) as well as, online browsing activity or 'automatically collected information', which may include IP addresses and Internet Service Providers (ISP) , unique device identifiers, cookies and web beacons, device and browser settings and information. Automatically collected information may also include data on when and how you access and use our Site or mobile application, (e.g. the date and time of your visit or use, how you navigate and what you search for on our Site, the website pages and items you view using our Site and, the items you purchase, and the websites you visit before coming and after leaving our Site).

  • Should calls be recorded, details about your call and what you share with us.


How We Collect Information


We collect information on our Site, and during calls, chats, messages and texts with you. We also obtain information from you and from third parties. For example, we collect and obtain information:

  • When you provide, such as when you make a purchase with us.

  • When you provide information through Contact Us, Contact A Concierge, when you subscribe to our email list, register for an online account, participate in our contests, promotional activities or giveaways, respond to a survey, register to attend an event or workshop, apply for employment, or sign up for emails or marketing.

  • From our affiliates that you have interactions with.

  • From third parties, such as service providers that we use (e.g. Google Analytics) and companies, advertising networks, demographic companies, third parties that provide us with information about you and the different devices you use online, and other third parties that we choose to collaborate or work with.

  • From social media platforms (Facebook, LinkdIn, Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok) and networks that you use in connection with our Site, or that share or allow you to share information including but not limited to, name, username, email address, profile picture, gender) with us, such as - functionalities, buttons, plugins, widgets, tools or interactive features from social media platforms or networks in connection with our Site. For more information or if you have concerns regarding this, review privacy policies, practices, settings and terms of service with any of the social media platforms and networks that you use, as your interactions with these Social Media features are governed by the privacy policy of the company providing it.

  • Using cookies and other automatic collection methods. - We and third parties we work with may collect information from the device you are using (e.g. your phone, tablet, computer, laptop) or other device that you use to access our Site, or that you use to open an email or click on an advertisement from us. This includes automatically collected information, and mainly does not include personal information, unless you provide it through our Site or you choose to share it with us, including:

    • Cookies - session-based or persistent - small data file that is sent from a website to your device, and stored on its hard drive or mobile browser. A cookie typically contains two bits of data: a unique ID for each user, and a site name.

    • Web beacons - also known as clear GIFs, web bugs or pixel tags - are often used in combination with cookies. They are really small images that are embedded into websites or emails typically used for web analytics, page tagging or email tracking.

    • Website log files - automatically created in connection to accessing and using our Site.

    • Other technologies with methods similar to or different from those mentioned above.


How We Use Your Information


We use the information we collect, and other information we obtain from your current and past activities on the Site and Service, in a number of ways, including these examples:

  • To conduct our business and to provide you with the best possible products, services, and experiences.

  • To provide, operate, maintain, improve, personalize, and expand our website.

  • To fulfill your orders and process your payments; register, process, maintain, and service your account(s); and to provide you with products and services that we think you will like. We also may combine any or all of the information that we collect or obtain.

  • To develop and improve our content and product offerings, services, features, and improve our Site functionality, to customize the Site’s content, layout, and services. These improve your use of our Site by tailoring it to meet your needs, so as to provide you with a smooth, efficient, safe and customized experience.

  • For personalization of your experiences with us and enhance your user experience, including: remembering your interests and preferences then customizing your products and services, and tracking and categorizing your activity and selections on our Site, as well as, identifying the different devices you use.

  • To respond to you in cases like: placing an order, call us, making a request or inquiry through avenues like Contact Us, Contact A Concierge, when you subscribe to our email list, register for an account, participate in our contests, giveaway or promotional activities, respond to a survey, register to attend an event or workshop, apply for employment, sign up for emails or marketing, write a review, or share a comment or concern.

  • To promote, provide and market our services to you, including through emails - bill any outstanding charges from you, inform you about online and offline offers, products, services, and events, handle service issues and billing disputes, provide you with updates, in some cases, are relevant to your preferences.

  • To measure consumer interest in our products and services by knowing our users’ demographics, preferences and behaviors.

  • To send you marketing and advertising communication, and to customize the marketing and advertising that we show you.

  • For analytics, including third-party ones, to: improving our Site for you by understanding and analyzing your use of our Site and shopping preferences, as well as, determining the methods and devices you use to access our Site.

  • For our business needs, including: to assess customer satisfaction with our Site, products and services, to prohibit the misuse of our Site and services; to identify and prevent fraud, and for any other business purposes permitted by law.

  • For our business needs including: to operate and improve our business while conducting lawful business operations, to maintain our Site, programs, accounts, and records; for analysis and research.

  • To better understand, protect and serve you.

  • To detect, alert, prevent and protect against error, fraud and other criminal activity.

  • For legal and safety purposes, including but not limited to: protect our security and the security of our customers, users and properties, defending or protecting us, our customers, you, or third parties and our rights, from harm or in legal proceedings, respond to court orders, lawsuits, subpoenas, and government requests as required, and notify you of product recalls or any other safety issue relating to our products and services.

  • To enforce our Terms of Use and Terms and Conditions


If you wish to subscribe to our newsletters, we will use your name and email address to send the newsletter to you. Should you wish to unsubscribe, we also provide a means for you to do so. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, you may update the settings in your account, follow the unsubscribe instructions located in the email, or you may contact us at Please note that you may continue to receive transaction and account-related electronic messages from us. Where necessary, we use our Subscriber's email address or other contact information to ask them for their feedback on our Site, products and services, or to forward to them media opportunities. 


Address Harvesting

We do not engage in address harvesting, which generally refers to the use of computer programs to gather electronic addresses and emails by soliciting them from external sources, such as email, instant messaging, and social media - for instance, scraping websites - or through creating a list of these addresses. Our users need to be clearly and accurately informed at the point of collection about how their addresses will be used and they must be able to opt out of receiving messages at any time in the future.

Cookies, Tracking and Web Beacons


Like any other website, Good Earth Gifting uses cookies to improve our Site functionality and performance. These cookies are used to optimize the user's experience by storing information including visitors' preferences, and the pages on the website that the visitor accessed or visited and by customizing our Site content based on visitors' browser type and/or other information. Please see our Cookies Policy for information about our use of cookies and other tracking technologies.

Web beacons, which are also known as clear GIFs, record, or capture your activity on our Site or Email, which are typically not activated until a web page is loaded or the Email is opened. Web beacons are often used in conjunction with website cookies, but they do not collect any personal information. Rather, they are transparent, invisible graphic images that are on websites, which act as a tag or identifier that then interacts with website cookies to allow us to monitor a user's activities on a website. Disabling cookies will keep web beacons from tracking your activity; however, web beacons cannot be turned off.

Log Files


We follow a standard procedure of using log files, which logs visitors when our Site is visited, as part of hosting services' analytics. The information collected by log files include internet protocol (IP) addresses, previous and succeeding URL addresses visited, browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date and time stamp, previous and exit pages, and possibly the number of clicks. These are not linked to any information that is personally identifiable. The purpose of the information is for analyzing trends, administering the site, tracking users' movement on the website, and gathering demographic information to better understand, protect and serve you and our community, and to improve our Site.


Posting On Our Platforms


If you post on our comments, forums, reviews or blogs, your username and other information you choose to write or include, is displayed in your reviews, postings or comments, and is therefore seen by the public. All of your activities in the public areas of our Site will be identifiable to you and other people can see your published content under your User ID. If you disclose personal information in any of our support platforms and wish to have it removed, please contact us directly.


Payment Information


We accept payments through Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal and e-transfers. We are powered by Stripe, and use credit card details and other contact and payment information you submit to us on the Site or through our Services, and other information that we collect, as required, to process payments you make through our payment processor intermediaries. We do not store credit card or other payment method information unless our Subscribers or Customers choose to auto-fill their credit card information for convenient future or recurring use. In all other cases, our payment processors have the sole and complete responsibility for the storage of credit card and payment information. We may also share personal information with our payment processor intermediaries for risk management and fraud prevention.


Service Providers


We may from time to time use service providers - an individual or entity that provides services to us - in the operation of our Site and services, and may transfer personal information to them in the course of our use of their services (e.g. We may use a third-party to operate our services and this may involve the hosting of data, including personal information, on servers operated by those providers). We take care to use only service providers that we believe are reputable and able to live up to our and your expectations. These companies are authorized to use your personal information only as necessary to provide these services to us.


Third-Party Privacy Policies


Our Policy does not apply to other advertisers or websites so we advise you to consult the respective Privacy Policies of these third-party ad servers for more detailed information. It may include their practices and instructions about how to opt-out of certain options.




We strive to protect your information. We have implemented safe and reliable security practices and encryption, designed to protect your information in our Site and prevent this from unauthorized disclosure, access, use, modification of personal information under our control. Once we receive your transaction, we make efforts in good faith to ensure its security on our system. Unfortunately, however, no data transmitted over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. So, while we strive to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you transmit to us.


Anonymized and Aggregated Data


We aggregate and anonymize sales information about groups of consumers, including but not limited to industry type, number of gifts purchased or sent, average purchase size, method of sending their gifts,, sales amounts and average sale per customer, and disclose the data in a non-personally-identifiable manner to our Subscribers as part of our services to them. Please note that we do not disclose any information that could be used to identify you personally, and can no longer be linked back to any individual's personal information. De-identified information involves individual records that can no longer be associated or relinked with any particular individual.


Advertising Partners Privacy Policies


Third-party ad servers or ad networks use technologies like cookies, JavaScript, or Web Beacons that are used in their respective advertisements and links that appear on our Site, which are sent directly to user’s browsers. They automatically receive your IP address when this occurs. These technologies are used to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and/or to personalize the advertising content that you see on websites that you visit.


Note that Good Earth Gifting has no access to or control over these cookies that are used by third-party advertisers.


Other Information Collectors

Except as otherwise expressly included in this Policy, this document only addresses the use and disclosure of information we collect, and not information you choose to disclose to other parties through our Site, as different rules may apply to their use, collection and disclosure of the personal information. Since we do not control the use and collection of information, nor disclosure policies of third parties, you are therefore subject to their privacy policies. For more information or if you have concerns regarding this, ask questions or review their privacy policies, practices and terms of service, before you disclose your personal information to others.


Accessing, Correcting and Updating Your Personal Information


To access, review, control, correct, update or delete, and ensure the accuracy of your information on our Site, you may login into your account to make the necessary changes. As an account holder or Subscriber, if we receive a request from you to access or update personal information we have on our Site, we will assist wherever possible with individual access requests.


Data Retention


We will retain your information for as long as your account with us is active, or as needed, to keep providing you with our services; however, we will retain and use your information as long as necessary, to enforce our agreements, resolve disputes, and comply with our legal obligations.


Additional Policy Information


When sending a Customized Gift Box or a Quick Gift, our Site asks you to import or to manually enter your contacts’ name and contact details such as email address and/or phone number. As part of the purchase process, we then send them an email informing them of your purchase - they will have to open this email in order to receive a one-time access code, which they will then input in our Site, in order to redeem their customized gift box.


With your consent we may post your review or testimonial along with your name. If you want your testimonial removed please contact us at


Anti-Spam Legislation and Notification of Privacy Statement Changes


Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) is designed 'to promote the efficiency and adaptability of the Canadian economy by regulating commercial conduct that discourages the use of electronic means to carry out commercial activities', which means to obtain consent when collecting personal information is to protect our users. By obtaining consent, you are informed of the collection of your personal information and given the option to agree to that collection. Further, by obtaining this express consent, those operating websites can ensure compliance with Europe’s GDPR.


We may update this privacy statement to reflect changes to our Privacy Policy and practices. We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on our privacy practices.

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