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Eco-Friendly Snacks for the Office and How to Choose Them

Updated: May 30, 2023

In recent years, snacking has been considered a meal category of its own. The increase in popularity of this food category has led to consumers favouring foods that are produced and packaged sustainably. Evidently, “consumers are growing more intentional about their purchase decisions as they become more in touch with their values”. Conscious consumption is at the top of consumers’ minds. A healthy, sustainable snack while working will keep employees properly nourished and able to carry out their work tasks. In order to remain recharged and able to produce high-quality work, healthy snacking options are a necessity.

How to Choose Sustainable Snacks


Many people do not know that vegetarian snacks have been proven to reduce climate change. The United Nations informs us that raising animals for food generates more greenhouse gases than cars and trucks combined. You might also be surprised to know that vegetarian snacking options help to reduce the pollution of streams, rivers, and oceans. Pollution of our waterways is caused by animal waste, antibiotics, and hormones entering the water cycle alongside chemicals from tanneries, fertilizers, and the pesticides used to spray feed crops. Lastly, the vegetarian food option plays a positive role in maintaining wildlife habitats and endangered species - giving millions of animals the opportunity to remain in their natural habitat.


As an example of the opposite of sustainable practices, GMO agriculture is linked to practices such as increased pesticide use and suppressed crop diversity. When the sheer range of crops and organisms is reduced, humans lack the resources and resilience biodiversity provides. Without plentiful and diverse soil life, we lose out on compounds we use to make lifesaving medicines. Farmers who grow non-GMO can save seeds, producing varieties that are well-adapted to the local climate. In the end, non-GMO and locally adapted seeds leave resilient crops for future generations serving as an example of a meaningful, sustainable practice.

Non-GMO snacks will all in all lead consumers to live healthier lives free from toxic chemicals. Organic, naturally grown foods will lead to fewer symptoms of ill health and increase the overall immunity of the body. Non-GMO Snacks will use considerably less energy during production - using less of the earth’s natural resources and reducing pollution. When food is natural, it supports healthy living and sustainability aside from increasing the overall quality of life.


In an effort to have sustainable snacking options, eco-friendly packaging is a must-have. Compostable packaging can be made from plant-based materials like corn, sugar cane, or bamboo. These materials naturally decompose into the earth without leaving any toxic residue. Another form of eco-friendly packaging is recycled packaging. By using recycled materials, businesses are able to conserve natural resources, reduce the amount of waste in landfills and prevent pollution by reducing the need to collect raw materials.


Sustainable sourcing is the combination of social, ethical, and environmental performance factors in the process of selecting suppliers. It includes purchasing sustainable products and services (products made from recycled or remanufactured materials). Sustainable sourcing is also the act of looking for ingredients that are sustainably farmed. That means these ingredients, whether agricultural produce or meat, are farmed with more than just economic considerations in mind. Sustainable farmers take into account the environmental and social impact of their farming activities. Due to how sustainable sourcing prioritizes environmental and social concerns above economic ones, companies that commit to purchasing sustainably sourced ingredients ensure that they buy their produce and meat from people and places that practice environmental awareness.

Sustainable Snack Ideas for the Office


Handcrafted popcorn by Eatable is sourced locally from Canadian farms and made in small batches in their Toronto facility. Their most popular flavours, “Pop the Salt and Tequila”, “Whisky on the Pops” and “Pop the Champagne” - are crowd favourites for good reason. They make for easy snacking at the office with alcohol-infused flavours but with virtually no alcohol content (burned off during its cooking process).

Eco-friendly features include the popcorn being vegetarian, non-GMO and having no artificial flavours or colours. As a plastic-neutral company, they are committed to collecting, processing, and removing as much plastic from nature as used in their products and packaging. They also support hunger relief by donating a portion of every online sale to Second Harvest Food Rescue - Canada's largest food rescue organization.


After 50 years of being the meat industry, Noble Jerky made the switch to 100% vegan with their innovative, plant protein based snacks. Using premium marinades and seasonings, as well as, their years of meat drying technical knowledge, they developed the same jerky taste and texture from all-natural ingredients, without meat or genetic modifications.

Their teriyaki-flavoured vegan jerky is hard to pass on when you're craving a savoury snack while at the desk. Some eco-friendly features include this jerky being non-GMO, gluten- and nut-free.


Another savoury snack but with some crunch is barbeque-flavoured chickpeas from Three Farmers. A naturally vegan snack, rich with the taste of barbeque sauce and perfect for soups and salads as added texture to your lunch.

Three Farmers is dedicated to sustainable farming practices through ongoing innovation and regenerative farming. They practice no-till farming, crop rotation and Intercropping to preserve the soil for future generations. Their ingredients are natural and traceable - connecting back to the origin of their products and how it's made.


For a midday indulgence, guilt-free snacking can be a thing with chocolates from Galerie au Chocolat. Their fairtrade collection includes gourmet, rich flavours such as Green Tea White Chocolate, 72% Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate, and more. Ingredients are ethically sourced and packaged in environmentally-friendly kraft paper.

Galerie au Chocolat adheres to a sustainable corporate ecosystem and responsible sourcing by selecting suppliers:

  • Of raw materials, packaging, equipment and services that are environmentally friendly, benefits society and gives value for money over their lifecycle.

  • Who share their vision of sustainability

  • Who work towards maintaining a more sustainable supply chain

They also source as much as possible from North America (maple from Quebec, cream from Ontario and Canadian butter).


Planning an office party? Level up your drinks with simple syrups from KVAS. Easily recreate luxury cocktails with syrup flavors such as the Northern Maple Old Fashioned or the Ginger Wildflower with ingredients responsibly sourced from the Niagara region.

KVAS Fine Beverage Co. creators have a deep connection to Ontario agriculture and put local Niagara produce at the forefront of each of their creations. Their syrups are terroir-driven - every product is 100% influenced by the surrounding Niagara environment from the soil in which the ingredients grow, to the way they are harvested.

You can find all these great snacks & beverages in Good Earth Gifting's eco-friendly corporate gift boxes. They make it easy to gift consciously by prioritizing sustainable practices in sourcing and packing its products while also making sure the tastes are appealing to its consumers. From their intentionally chosen sustainable suppliers to compostable packing and eco-friendly, remote business operations, Good Earth Gifting is a socially responsible business.

Want to build a successful, eco-friendly brand? Check out this blog for advise from sustainable Canadian businesses including Eatable, KVAS and Groom.

Searching for eco-friendly corporate gifts? Shop our curated gift boxes. Good Earth Gifting is a sustainable corporate gifting platform that aims to educate individuals about eco-friendly initiatives, support local Canadian businesses, and inspire gifts for the good of the Earth. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to join the conversation!

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