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12 Sustainable & Indigenous Brands to Support this Year... and Always!

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Each First Nation community has a unique spiritual connection with the land. Their traditions tie intricately with the Earth in a deep respect that harnesses protection, dependency, and responsibility. In Indigenous cultures, land is not about ownership, but guardianship of all things that exist within it.

Having a deep respect for and understanding of Indigenous communities' long-standing relationship with their environment and land has become more important today than ever before. Nature is integral to their health and well-being and taking responsibility for its future is a belief system that gets passed on through generations. Sustainability is interwoven in their way of life. As a result, many Indigenous businesses are built on the same principles of sustainability and appreciation for their land.

“The people belong to the land, not the land belonging to the people.” - John Craighead George
A dreamcatcher with autumn leaves placed against a painting of a forest, woodland creatures, and a girl wearing a wolf headpiece.

There are over 50,000 Indigenous businesses in Canada, most of which have less than 10 employees. Not only are they often underrepresented in mainstream media, but many face unique challenges of being in rural or remote areas with limited access to support. Main sources of financing for privately- or community-owned Indigenous businesses are retained earnings, private savings, or development corporations – not traditional lenders.

At Good Earth Gifting, we acknowledge that we are living and operating on the traditional territory of the Mississauga’s of Scugog Island First Nations, the Anishnaabe, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat Peoples. While we cannot undo history, we must recognize it and use it as a source of strength to stand by the Indigenous communities of Canada. By supporting Indigenous brands that are also sustainable, we are able to actively show our support to their communities, values and presence, while protecting the lands they have been built on.

Read on for our list of 12 Indigenous and sustainable Canadian brands - divided into the following categories for your reading pleasure:

Personal Care


East Vancouver, BC

“We are working hard to close that gap, pave the way, and inspire other Indigenous entrepreneurs.”
Reusable glass bottles of the Smokeless Smudge spray product by Sisters Sage, an Indigenous business based in East Vancouver, British Columbia.

Created in 2018 by dynamic duo, Lynn-Marie and Melissa-Rae Angus, Sisters Sage focuses on using traditional ingredients to handcraft modern self-care and wellness products. They are of Gitxaala, Niga’a and Metis Nations, and began their business to help other Indigneous communities showcase their culture in a positive way.

Their most popular product is the Smokeless Smudge Spray, which is made of Sweet Grass and Tobacco Leaf. Smudging is a traditional ritual by most Indigenous Peoples for purifying or cleansing of negative thoughts by creating sacred smoke from burning medicinal or plants. Sisters Sage hopes to bring this practice to everyone’s home and create a calming aura, without any smoke.


Mayo, YT

“The company is all about a cleaner you and environment.”

The Yukon Soaps Company is a self-care shop for made-from-scratch natural soaps, shampoo bars, essential oil blends, and other bath and beauty products. Featuring ingredients like wild rose petals and juniper berries, as well as Na-cho Nyak Dun beadwork on their Indigenous Artisans Soap Bars, and a Yukon-shaped imprint, these uniquely created soap bars are literally infused and imprinted with the Spirit of the Yukon.

Soap bars by Indigenous business, The Yukon Soaps Co. handmade from scratch with natural ingredients.

Joella Hogan, founder and owner of Yukon Soaps Co., promotes inclusivity by getting elders and young ones to join in gathering wild botanicals. As a dedicated community builder and First Nation advocate, she employs local youth, offers crafting workshops to promote learning, and is a staple at Stewart Valley Farmers market.

After having been around for 20 years, the YSC soap bar has now become the staple souvenir from the Yukon Territory, and continues to support economic empowerment of the region. Try their Sample Soap Pack, which contains a selection of six 1oz soaps, made with completely natural ingredient - cleaner for you and the environment.


Vancouver, BC

“Satya means a higher truth in Sanskrit, and every decision we make reflects that.”
Natural skin care and eczema relief products from Satya Organic Skincare, an Indigenous and sustainable business in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Their skin care products are made of organic ingredients and packaged in sustainable materials.

With skin issues on the rise, we need more natural solutions, and Satya Organic Skincare, founded by Patrice Mousseau, believes ‘sometimes the most difficult problems have the simplest solutions.’ Works as a moisturizer and topical anti-inflammatory, it relieves and restores tired skin. Made with just 5 life-changing organic ingredients, Satya provides clean and Scientifically-proven effective skincare.

The two-pack Satya Basics is a great gift to keep skin protected throughout all seasons, including harsh Canadian winters. Packaged in sustainable materials, including glass jars, compostable pouches, recycled paper and printed veggie/soy-based inks, they are proud to be 100% carbon neutral.

To show their commitment to nature, Satya Organic joined the fight against poverty and ocean plastics through Plastic Bank, and have partnered with Coastal First Nations to protect the Great Bear Rainforest.


Toronto, ON

A row of Wildcraft's 100% natural self-care products, including L to R: Calm Face Lotion in a pump, Buff Face and Body Scrub exfoliant in a reusable jar, Wash Oil Cleanser in a glass pump bottle, clarify toner in a spray bottle, and a refine face serum in dropper bottle

Wildcraft, founded by Laura Whitaker, is a Toronto-based company committed to providing accessible skincare for everyone with 100% natural, highly-effective products. Thoughtfully minimalist in their approach, their product line simplifies everyday routines through a multi-functional approach.

Create an at-home spa day to detox and nourish with Wildcraft’s pure bath essentials. Products like the Herbal Bath Blend, Cleanse Makeup Remover, Buff Face and Body Scrub, Luxe Body Oil and Detox Face Mask help to maximize time (and energy) for more important things.

Good Earth Gifiting Pure Gift Box with two room sprays of different scents, set of black hemp facial rounds and three Wildcraft all natural products (face and body scrub exfoliant, renew eye serum, cleanse make-up remover

Laura stays true to her roots (a Haudenosaunee and member of the Mohawk nation from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory) through Wildcraft’s eco-committments. Aside from plastic-free packaging to cruelty-free products, they’ve recently become a member of 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of sales towards environmental causes.

Wildcraft is among the few Indigenous-owned selfcare brands in Ontario; however, there are more across Canada. Handmade in small batches with plant or mineral-based, sustainably-sourced, organic ingredients, Wildcraft ensures high quality products from start to finish. Find their products in our Shop.

Fashion & Accessories


Winnipeg, MB

“Truly sustainable fashion creates a space for everyone. It all starts here.”
Individual standing sideways, wearing Anne Mulaire's sustainable bamboo leggings in black, printed with Indigenous artwork.

Sustainable fashion brand, richly inspired by their Ojibwe/French Métis Heritage, that promotes inclusivity and a space for everyone to feel confident in their own skin. Anne Mulaire is operated by designer Andréanne Mulaire Dandeneau, and runs her brand with strong ethics including fair trade, environmental protection, and ethical business practices.

Different collections like the Heritage Collection, Maternity Friendly and Designer Originals carry a wide-range of women’s clothing, from crop tops and drape dresses to Bamboo Bumwarmers and bamboo leggings, printed with Indigenous artwork - a style statement that catches your eye.

They created a