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Eco-Friendly Gifts for Pets & Pet Lovers

Updated: May 25, 2023

An individual sitting on a sidewalk hugging a black French Bulldog, with two other dogs facing backward, sitting on the left side of the person

Pets are family members too, and here at Good Earth Gifting, we think that deserves a well-researched list dedicated to how we can show love to our favourite four-legged friends. Even if you don’t have a pet yourself, you likely have a loved one who's created an Instagram account for their fur baby - this list is also for them. Below are our suggestions for eco-friendly Canadian gift ideas for pets and pet lovers.

Interactions with pets, or animals in general, help to improve physical and emotional balance. In fact, they have been scientifically proven to boost mental health, increasing happiness and the overall well-being of the entire family. The desire for pets has become increasingly popular since the pandemic, with people spending more time at home. In fact, as of May 2020, applications for pet adoptions rose 20-60% across the country! More pet parents mean more pet products being bought - so why not buy from local businesses that also give back to the planet?

The special bond between pets and their humans is often compared to raising children (hello Moms and Dads), it’s a sacred union built on love and trust. The level of responsibility and attention required is also similar; this includes coordinating proper training, diet, exercise, and visits to the vet. Whereas we can teach sustainable practices to children at a young age, it isn’t so easy when it comes to fur babies. That means lowering a pet’s carbon footprint, or paw print, is ultimately up to their owners to curb. A major contributor to a pet’s carbon footprint is their food intake; in an unsustainable scenario, a dog’s carbon footprint is twice that of a 4×4 car!

At Good Earth Gifting, we understand that living a more sustainable lifestyle means reducing both human and pet carbon footprints. Whether it’s for you, your furry buddy or a pet-loving friend, we’ve written this informative guide to help make greener gift-giving choices.

1. DOGGY SPA BOX $32.99

Hanmer, Ontario

Doggy Spa Box eco-friendly contents: bottled paw balm and calendula salve on the left side of the frame, a pet soap bar on the right.

This Doggy Spa Box from Old Soul Soap Company allows you to give your dog an at-home spa experience! The kit includes Pet Soap, Liquid Dog Wash, Paw Balm, Stinky Dog Spray and Calendula Salve. Did we mention all products are vegan and free from chemicals, artificial dyes and fragrances? It's perfect for any sensitive-skinned pets and people!

In 2015, they began an interesting collaboration with Stack Brewing, a Sudbury-based microbrewery, and have since created 6 kinds of beer soaps. The Old Soul Soap Company has an ongoing mission to eliminate all single-use plastics by utilizing reusable packaging, like glass jars. They also have a refill program in the works. With sustainable practices like these, they are not only pet and human-friendly but are also great for the environment.


Company: Little Pine

Whistler, British Columbia

We’ve all heard of parents who match their outfits and accessories with their children, and pets are no exception. Make sure our furry friends join in and look stylish too with this beautiful, one-of-a-kind, handmade matching collar and bracelet from Little Pine. The designs combine traditional, Indigenous and artisanal beadwork with cork, a modern, plant-based, sustainable leather alternative, which is durable and waterproof.

Little Pine's matching cork collar and bracelet with a rainbow-coloured beaded diamond-shaped design

Being surrounded by the natural beauty of Whistler, B.C., Little Pine's founders strive to make conscientious choices when creating and packaging their products. They repurpose materials from their local mountain community, like ropes and jackets, for Earth-friendly pieces of art and products you can feel good about. As if that wasn’t enough, they also donate a portion of their sales to support charitable initiatives, relating to animals, wellness and the environment.

For loving pet owners, Little Pine is a leader in products that embody the mountain lifestyle. They believe in creating a greener solution by using sustainable materials and offering mindfully crafted pet apparel and supplies. Their products are made in-house or through select partnerships with talented local artisans.

We love their Cork & Upcycled Gore-Tex collar. Being a natural, plant-based material, cork is a sustainable alternative to leather. The Gore-Tex is repurposed material from their community, making it the perfect gift for your adventure-loving pup.

3. FRESHLY BAKED TREATS Price varies by location

Company: The Bone & Biscuit Co. 50+ Various Locations across Canada

Kelowna, British Columbia

Since the inception of their first brick-and-mortar store in 2008, The Bone & Biscuit Co.'s founder, Lee Drescher has made it a mission to offer unique services to health-conscious pet owners. They provide the finest, healthiest pet food as well as high-quality natural supplies and accessories. Their quality is defined by meticulously evaluating the ingredients, manufacturing techniques and nutritional value of every product. It is an innovative, inviting and fun one-stop destination for pet items like clothing, boutique toys, supplements, everyday items, and a unique artisanal bakery.

An assortment of different healthy baked goods on white plates in a bakery display

The bakery is the highlight of their pet-friendly stores as both pets and their owners can peruse the displays of handmade treats and cakes. As well, there is a sense of exclusivity, as bakery selections may vary from one store to another. You can feel at ease knowing you’re getting the best quality ingredients in these all-natural gourmet treats, which are available year-round. They even offer a variety of seasonal (Christmas, Easter and Halloween) or special event ones (Birthdays).

Kelowna-based, The Bone & Biscuit Co. have wise and respectful environmental practices, including how their buildings are sustainably and efficiently made. Aside from recycling, reusing and reducing their waste, they also carry biodegradable, non-toxic, recyclable products. They value good health and nutrition, believing that ‘you are what you eat’. Their goal is to provide education and knowledge for pet owners to make informed decisions about the products they choose for their beloved companions.

Treat yourself and your dearest furry friend to a trip to one of their stores to experience The Bone & Biscuit Co. difference, where they serve real pets, real food, making them real healthy. You never know, you might find your pet’s new favourite treat!


Edmonton, Alberta

Everyone needs privacy. Everyone needs to feel free from being observed, watched or disturbed. Privacy is about respecting the individual and their desire to be alone at that given point in time. Like humans, cats require their basic needs met in order to make them feel secure enough to express themselves freely in their environment.

Two Adventure Tents, made with sustainable materials, beside each other: on the left, tan coloured cover with a tan coloured cat sleeping inside; on the right, dark grey coloured on the right cover with a dark grey coloured cat sleeping inside. Both tents have plants beside them.

Starting out in 2015 as a little wood shop inside a cargo trailer, Tinker is a furniture design company at heart, and their traditional woodworking origins have fueled their goal to keep things simple for everyday use, yet durable enough to last. The Adventure Tent is handmade and hand-sewn in the Canadian Prairies. It comes ready-to-assemble with no tools required, which makes it portable for travelling or moving when vacuuming cat fur off of the floor. The canvas is made of 100% cotton, which means less plastic ending up in landfills, and because Canada’s forest laws are among the strictest in the world, consumers can be confident that the Canadian Maple wood used for the poles are sustainably harvested. Every step of the research, development and production process is done in-house ensuring that things are done right.

With Olli and Moe working hard to test the products, the Adventure Tent is definitely the cat’s meow.

5. RECYCLED T-SHIRTS From $35.99

Company: Pet Parentz

Surrey, British Columbia

The rise of personalized gifts has, without a doubt, become a huge player in the gift-giving world. One of the main reasons is because it shares, celebrates and strengthens the personal connection between the gifter and the giftee. The thought put into a one-of-a-kind gift exemplifies that special bond - especially with something as unique as a personalized Pet Parentz recycled t-shirt.

Four individuals standing in a row, wearing black recycled t-shirts from Pet Parentz printed with different pet-parent phrases

Their t-shirts are not only a funny, special treat but also good for the planet. Each eco-friendly t-shirt is made from 100% recycled fabrics, which are never re-dyed, reducing pollutants and carbon emissions. The collection allows you to go through a selection of designs and statements, printed with safe inks on unisex t-shirts. The t-shirts are made from 60% recycled cotton (manufacturing scraps and upcycled plastic) and 40% recycled polyester of rPet, which generates 79% less carbon emissions than producing its virgin counterpart. Regarding the care of the t-shirt, it requires non-chemical cleaning and uses little to no energy to dry. It makes for an eco-consciously funny gift for dog and cat lovers on any occasion.

Pet Parentz, located in Surrey, BC, is sweatshop-free and operates as an online retailer with a small team. Its mission is to create unique and personalized clothes, accessories and gift items for cat and dog lovers using organic and recycled materials. They are passionate about giving back to their community by dedicating parts of their collection to raising funds for rescue shelters.

With so many choices and reasons to love them, how could you not come back for more?


Company: Eco-Pup

Vancouver, British Columbia

2 stylish puppy sweaters: Magenta coloured on lower left, Green coloured on the top right. Both with Grey coloured bottom and top linings. Top lining has 2 wooden buttons on left side of photo.

Canadians love sweaters, that is a fact. Sweaters symbolize comfort and warmth, something pets cannot deny; they are wonderful ways of self-expression, and are great additions to any pet wardrobe. So while you’re thinking of gift ideas for your dog-loving friend, you might want to grab one for their dog too. There are so many fun, fashionable finds, but we enjoy browsing through Eco-Pup’s selection.

Based in Vancouver, Eco-Pup, carries a great selection of eco-friendly cat toys, accessories, and dog clothes. The Arcade Sweater is one of our favourites: a soft, stretchy and trendy wardrobe must-have. The sweater is made from a bamboo-cotton blend French terry featuring wood buttons and a cotton rib collar and waistband - perfect for everyday wear. They are especially handy during chilly evening walks or fighting the dreaded Canadian winters.

In 2008, Susanne Postill started Eco-Pup when she could not find natural and organic pet clothing for her dog. With a working history in the fashion industry, she put her skill into action, creating quality products available for pets worldwide. All designs are efficient, easy to use, and durable. Their products are crafted with upcycled and reclaimed natural materials, like certified organic cotton, eco-friendly bamboo, hemp and Repreve® recycled polyester. This unique material has transformed more than 25 billion recycled plastic bottles into recycled fibres.

Eco-Pup practices a number of green initiatives in their workplace such as reusing packing boxes for large orders and recycling all cardboard, paper, bottles, cans and plastic packaging. All orders are taken electronically to minimize the use of paper and any used printer ink cartridges are properly recycled. A portion of Eco-pup’s proceeds goes to SAINTS (Senior Animals in Need Today Society), a local animal rescue that provides a safe home for senior animals who would likely not be adopted due to their age and/or health issues.

7. BOW TIES AND BANDANAS $24.00 - $36.00

Company: Elanor

Toronto, Ontario

Elanor's light pink, black and white bowtie made from repurposed fabrics

Accessories are a great way to make a style statement; they add a pop of colour to a simple outfit can elevate or transform a look.

Toronto-based, Elanor, realized this and thought - why not also dress up our pets? And so they started making eco-friendly dog jackets along with beautiful, everyday accessories. We especially love Elanor's bandanas and bow ties which are made with repurposed fabrics, production scraps and other sustainable materials. Worn individually or together, the bandanas and bow ties are perfect accessories for conversation starters!

Elanor's white polka dotted light beige bandana with a black adjustable strap with a securing clasp

Elanor was named after the family Cockapoo, the inspiration behind their hand-crafted, sustainable dog wear. It began one cold, Christmas morning when they decided to make their first-ever dog jacket using leftover fabric scraps. Since 2006, Elanor expanded to what it is today, yet still remains committed to designing and creating high-quality, eco-friendly products in-house to maintain the uniqueness of each item.


Company: ecoDaisy

Sayward Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

The humble bed has come a long way from its earlier forms of grass-lined ditches to one of our main creature comforts of today. One of the many joys in life tucking into soft sheets, carefully fitted over a nice, plush mattress at the end of a busy day. The bed is the ultimate place for comfort.

ecoDaisy's Pillow-Top Dog Mattress on a field of green grass, with a big dog lying on top of it and a cat playfully walking underneath the dog's head

Pets also deserve their own little haven with a safe and cozy spot to sleep to restore their energy. The ecoDaisy Pillow-Top Dog Mattress is both sustainable and luxurious, perfect for lounging and sleeping. Both pet and owner can be rest assured that they have the most durable and eco-friendly dog bed available.

As an Environmental Planner and dog lover, Teresa’s pet Daisy, was the 'why' behind the company. Their mission is to develop and create an orthopedic dog mattress that lasts. They hope to provide a sustainable solution to the lack of alternatives in the current market. Handmade with high-performing, sustainable fabrics, it features waterproof lining for durability, and 100% upcycled materials from high-quality mattresses and outdoor sports gear. The fleece fabric itself is made from recycled pop bottles. These built-to-last dog beds are all handmade and locally sewn in the small town of Cumberland, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

9. ECO BELLY BIB $39.00

Company: T.O. Dogswear (Tynk Outdoor Dogswear)

Tiny, Ontario

A family-run Canadian business, T.O Dogswear was created when a mother and daughter realized their great love for pets. With a huge number of dogs and cats under their roof at any given time, they began to conceptualize functional clothing for both the owner and the pet. Living in the country where roads can be very muddy and wet, and sandy beaches and forest trails are just a few steps away, cleaning up the dogs after those daily walks became overwhelming! Not to mention, cleaning up the house too!

Their unending search for the perfect coat to keep their dogs dry and clean was frustrating. Creating dog fashion was difficult at first, but mother and daughter were determined to share their ideas and products. They made a conscious effort to focus on a sustainable and environmentally friendly business in the hopes that they can encourage others to do the same. Thus, the creation of the Eco-Belly Bib. This upside-down dog coat was perfectly created with keeping the dogs' underbelly clean, dry, & warm all year long. Whether it's leaves, splash ups, mud or snowballs, these durable and waterproof Belly Bibs will make those daily walks fun and enjoyable again!

T.O. Dogswear uses the best eco-friendly fabrics manufactured in Canada to show its growing commitment to the environment and local businesses. The Belly Bib is made of a waterproof & windproof outer layer, carefully lined with microfleece material for maximum protection and comfort. The unique design allows your dog to move around comfortably with only one Velcro strap around their back, and one around their neck.

Made from recycled plastic bottles, these bibs are 100% waterproof, 100% eco-friendly and 100% Canadian. 4 buttons allow you to attach The Leggings and create a full underbody suit for added coverage.

Company: Cate and Levi

Toronto, Ontario

Hand puppets are the epitome of a nostalgic pastime. Many hours of entertainment and years of enjoyment later, it still brings back memories. This may not be a gift for our four-legged friends, but these adorable toys are great for the kids who love them.

Left: Dog hand puppet, made from upcycled fabrics of different colours. Centre: DIY Hand Puppet kit in a cyclindrical kraft container with a photo of a dog hand-puppet. Right: Rabbit sock puppet in pink, purple, red and white colours

Many parents, therapists, counsellors and educators use puppets to help children understand their world. They help to support and develop a number of skills, including language and communication, as well as, social and emotional growth, through creative play. They are great for building creativity, problem-solving, and fine motor skills.

Bring your childhood back with this dog-inspired DIY, educational, and interactive hand puppet and stuffed toy kits from Toronto-based Cate and Levi, a family-run company. The kits come with everything needed to make one-of-a-kind, responsibly-made, eco-friendly puppets and stuffed animals. They are also locally handcrafted with premium-quality reclaimed wool and upcycled sweaters. No wonder why it is one of Martha Stewart’s favourites.

New Brunswick

3 different varieties of Rescue Coffee Co's ethically-made coffee in 454g paper bags. On the front left of the frame is a white ceramic coffee mug with 'Sip a Cup, Save a Pup' slogan

Buying coffee from Rescue Coffee Co. means you’re supporting a local Canadian business and registered pet charities across the nation. This company uses organically grown beans and advocates for ethically-made coffee by giving their network co-op farmers fair wages. The beans are then roasted in their Maritimes hometown with 10 percent of the proceeds donated to partnering animal rescue organizations.

No matter your taste, they have a line for every coffee-loving person you know. Choose from their Wake & Wag light roast to Bark & Bite very dark roast. They even have a Downward Dog Decaf! So brew that thoughtful cup of coffee, and sip a cup to save a pup!

As we start to navigate this new normal, it's great to know that we're not alone. Our furry pet friends are always there to brighten our day and there's nothing quite like the love and support of a pet. The benefit of their friendship is limitless.

We hope this list of locally-made pet products will prove to be helpful for your next gifting occasion. And remember: no matter what you end up choosing, supporting local sustainable companies can inspire the circular economy and practising greener gifting is the way to go. At Good Earth Gifting it is something we truly believe in and hope to make it easier for you as well.

What positive impacts have your pets made on your life?

Are you looking for a perfect gift for your parents? Check out our Eco-friendly Canadian gift ideas for dads & Eco-friendly gift ideas for busy moms! To Join our Good earth gifting family follow us on Facebook, Instagram @goodearthgifting, and TikTok @goodearthgifting!

Each brand we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our team.

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