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More Than Facial Hair: Eco-Friendly Products Changing the Face of Men's Health

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

At the heart of several conversations is the subject of our mental health and well-being. When greeting each other, we regularly ask, “How are you?”, to which most provide an automated response of “I’m good, you?” It’s not often that we immediately share our vulnerability to someone during these initial exchanges in the workplace, however, when we do, it’s done so in a space that is comfortable and safe.

Covid-19 pandemic: Employees practicing social distancing in the workplace. Four employees are wearing medical masks in the office.

Fostering a work culture that encourages open conversations regarding mental health doesn’t come easy, but it is something that more businesses are learning to retain top talent. According to the World Health Organization, “unemployment is a well-recognized risk factor for mental health problems, while returning to, or getting work is protective. A negative working environment may lead to physical and mental health problems, harmful use of substances or alcohol, absenteeism and lost productivity. Workplaces that promote mental health and support people with mental disorders are more likely to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and benefit from associated economic gains.” This Movember, Good Earth Gifting is focused on encouraging meaningful discussion around mental health, particularly around raising awareness of men’s health.

Portrait of bearded man laughing.

If you haven’t heard of Movember before, it’s a movement that was initiated in 2003 with the goal of holistically addressing men’s health. Through the Movember Foundation, more than 1,250 health projects and research have been funded, transforming the lives of men as they access supportive services, prevent serious health issues, and accelerate change in seeking medical help. The Movember Foundation has three funding priorities in the areas of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health with a focus on suicide prevention.

By reinforcing the notion that experiencing mental health barriers and taking preventative action is not a sign of weakness, but rather a strength for prioritizing one’s well-being, promoting these important conversations to be had in the workplace becomes a healthy standard. In supporting men’s health, we’ve done our research to find Canadian brands that inspire men to take action for their health. Not only are they great products for the hair, skin and body, but they are also made with the environment in mind. Read our guide for the best grooming products you can get:

Premium Organic Unscented Beard Oil, $24.95 CAD

Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

A 30ml bottle with an eyedrop applicator with a label in the front that reads Organic at the top, Big City Beards in the center, and Unscented Beard Oil at the bottom.

Inaugurated in 2019, Big City Beards are committed to the sustainable sourcing and ethical production of high-quality beard care products. Based out of Nanaimo in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Jeff and his team of equally passionate bearded individuals focus on using unique regional ingredients from around the world, collaboratively working with organic harvesters, independent barbershops, and hair professionals to ensure their products remain safe and environmentally-friendly.

Satisfying the no-scent preferences of many offices, the 30 mL (1 oz) Premium Organic Unscented Beard Oil from Big City Beards is made from certified organic ingredients including Sweet Almond Oil, Golden Jojoba, and Argan Oil. Their vitamin-rich beard oils can be perfectly pear-ed with the Pear Wood Beard Comb, a fine-toothed 100% biodegradable comb that doesn’t create static, avoiding knots and frizzy beard hair! Big City Beards aims to provide beard grooming and care products that satisfy beards, the environment, and men’s health.

Shave and Face Soap, $10 CAD

Vancouver, British Columbia

Operating out of Vancouver, BC since 2015, Peregrine Supply Co. creates an eco-conscious line of body, beard, skincare, and hair care products that promote a healthy and well-rounded men’s culture. Run by a husband and wife team, Tyler Hill and Katrina Moscato-Hill are continuously inspired by their personal experiences and the world around them, which are demonstrated in the uniquely blended scents of their modern grooming products.

A small white square package that reads Peregrine Supply Co. Shave & Face Soap: Peppermint, Rosemary, and Sweet Birch. On the bottom right corner of the package is a soap in the shape of a circle.

An all-in-one item, the Shave and Face Soap acts exactly as its product name! It’s optimally designed to soften coarse stubble and keep one’s skin moisturized and bacteria-free. Utilizing the natural lubricating properties of Colloidal Oats, this soap organically adds to the lather of a shaving soap, which helps to soothe irritation and inflammation in the skin while shaving - perfect for those morning Zoom calls.

Similarly, their Detox Face Soap provides a gentle wash for all skin types. Because this Lavender, Sage, and Lemon scented soap is mild, it’s perfect for everyday use, easing inflammation and softening the skin. We love that Peregrine Supply Co. strives to build a community of inclusivity and awareness around environmental sustainability, one carefully crafted handmade product at a time.

Styling Clay, $27 CAD

Montreal, Quebec

Starting from humble beginnings with zero experience in business and making men’s care products in the kitchen of his apartment, Julien Blanchard, co-founder of The Groom Industries, founded the company as a side project with his friends. Later in February 2015, Julien was joined by his father, Robert Blanchard, as the Production Manager. Since then, the father and son duo and their team have embarked on several environmentally-healthy initiatives, from selecting natural ingredients to using carbon-neutral shipping. Their mission is simple: To leave the environment cleaner than they found it.

One such example of their quality products is their Styling Clay. Made from natural oils and waxes, this clay leaves a matte finish on all hair types and smells like citrus and sage. Need to invigorate your shower game? Try Groom’s delightful Shower Gel! Enriched with natural ingredients such as aloe extract, lime seed oil, and jojoba esters, this shower gel doesn’t only soothe and moisturize your skin, but will also strengthen its natural hydration, giving your skin the replenishment it loves. Lastly, complete your grooming routine with the Travel Size Deodorant, an essential companion for the busy business traveller.

Truly, The Groom Industries dedicates their decisions towards maintaining and seeking out sustainable environmental initiatives. For instance, they are participating in a reforestation project that enables the Groom team to travel on duty with a carbon-negative impact. Because plastic is a difficult material to avoid in the body and skincare industry, the company became certified by Plastic Negative. This means that for every plastic component used in their packaging or operations, twice its weight in plastic pollution is removed out of the environment, through their partner, rePurpose Global. Groom’s latest initiative is being undertaken through a partnership with One Tree Planted, which encourages the restoration of nature and biodiversity, as well as the participation of youth towards sustainable actions, by planting a tree for every order placed.

Good Earth Gifting's Dapper gift box containing a number of eco-friendly bath and grooming essentials including (clockwise from top left) shampoo and conditioner bars, wooden comb, monochrome starter set, aftershave balm, travel deodorant, beard balm, shave and face soap, styling clay and shower gel.

You can shop these sustainably-made products in our line-up of curated gift boxes, including Dapper and Beard Care. The conversation surrounding men’s health shouldn’t only happen in November - in fact, supporting men towards building healthier lives needs to occur on a daily basis. Every action has a consequence - let’s ensure it supports the mental and physical well-being of men in a compassionate and sustainable way.

Searching for more environmentally-friendly gifts? Take a look at our gift guide for men. Good Earth Gifting is a sustainable corporate gifting platform that aims to educate individuals about eco-friendly initiatives, support local Canadian businesses, and inspire gifting for the good of the Earth. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram @goodearthgifting, and TikTok to join the conversation!


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