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Eco-Friendly Canadian Gift Ideas for Busy Moms

Updated: Aug 4

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There's no such thing as a mom who isn't busy. She is often too busy to think of ways to pamper herself. To help show you're thinking of her this Mother's Day (or any other day of the year), we have come up with a list of eco-friendly gift ideas for busy moms. As always, they will be from Canadian brands that support a greener future.

Mom is synonymous with profound unconditional love, the endless caretaker, the eager cheerleader, the fearless go-getter, and the strength behind every child. Her work has evolved through the centuries, with each year adding more roles under her wonder belt. From being a stay-at-home individual to becoming an all-around person, 24 hours in a day is no longer enough. With that, all Moms can attest to the fact that it is not an easy feat to have a work-home-life balance, but they do their best with what they are presented with.

Now more than ever, Moms are feeling the pressure and the weight of having to balance the demands of both work and home life. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, give Mom the much-needed break she so rightly deserves. It may be just a day off to recalibrate for the day ahead or gift her with something that she can enjoy. You will be surprised that a simple gesture can give lasting pleasure and happiness.

Good Earth Gifting is your guide to eco-friendly gifting. We know the importance of gift-giving as a channel to spread the message of love but like to sprinkle in ways to a more sustainable future. Whether this message is coming from the giver or in the interest of the recipient, we believe that any time is an opportune time to think about the environmental impact of your purchases.

Read on for our top picks:


Company: Terradomi Candle Co.

Terradomi Candle Co. is the brainchild of a Canadian immigrant from Romania. Born to a family of business owners, Andreea’s business acumen was instilled in her by her hard-working parents. Her passion and dream of showing her love to planet Earth is evident in the candles she creates and designs.

Terradomi offers a wide selection of different gentle and chemical-free fragrances and essential oils, with choices that vary from floral and earthy to the soothing and calming fragrance of lavender and so much more. Each scent will awaken the senses and give you a feeling of relaxation and calmness, peace, and tranquillity.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Toronto-based Terradomi has a selection of hand-poured Soy Wax Candle Sets, made in collaboration with talented Canadian artisans. This 4-piece hand-poured Serenity set is sustainable and eco-friendly, using all-natural soy wax, chemical-free essential oils and 100% cotton wicks, to help Moms relax.

Terradomi's commitment to taking better care of our environment is apparent in their functional, reusable, ceramic vessels. Instead of throwing these away, reuse, repurpose and refill them. The company offers a refill program as part of its commitment to reducing waste.


Company: Euclid Farms

Toronto-based Euclid Farms is a small-scale, chemical-free, urban flower farm and boutique located in the heart of downtown. They grow their fresh blooms at their farm from May to November and support local growers as much as possible. Depending on availability, the selection of flowers and colour combinations vary on a weekly basis. This makes it an ideal place to get a fresh and vibrant looking bouquet every week for Mom!

Euclid Farms is proud to be 100% flower-foam-free. Flower foam is a one-time use, carcinogen-filled plastic common in the flower industry. Their sustainable wrapping practices include recyclable, reused, or compostable packaging like Kraft Paper, which reduces the use of plastic. They dry these flowers themselves, making sure the drying method is eco-friendly and sustainable, free from use of chemicals and bleach. These dried flowers are then used in dried bouquets and arrangements, creating an impressive and attractive arrangement.


Company: Baloo Living Wrap Mom in an eco-friendly weighted blanket that feels like a warm hug. Our choice is Baloo Living, who came up with the only quilted, quick-drying, weighted blanket made with 100% cotton [no polyester & synthetic liners here]. The deep pressure simulation of this weighted blanket soothes the system, alleviates stress and anxiety, and increases happy hormone levels (sounds like we could all use one).

Baloo’s weighted blankets are filled with lead-free glass microbeads, allowing them to dry surprisingly quickly on low heat. You'd be happy to know that all of their materials and packaging are plastic and chemical free! Plus, each blanket purchase includes a link to download Tibetan and crystal singing bowl sounds to help Mom get immersed in the full experience of a calm and quiet mind before falling asleep.

In the unlikely event that they have blankets returned and are still in excellent condition after inspection, these are offered at discounted prices through their Open Box (currently only available in the US). Items that are not in perfect condition are then donated to NPOs, such as the Pajama Program, which helps vulnerable children get better rest.

Baloo is committed to long-term sustainability around the world. They are carbon neutral through their partnership with SeaTrees.org. Their Blue Ocean projects help to restore Southern Californian kelp ecosystems and reforest Indonesian and Kenyan mangroves - these ecosystems remove 5-10 times more carbon than a rainforest! Baloo is Ocean Positive, committed to wiping out their climate impact, and carbon neutral by offsetting one ton of carbon for each ton they wipe out.


Company: Botany Barn Soaps

Sustainable skincare lines are fairly easy to find these days, but we can't resist Botany Barn's handmade, homemade, bright, and beautiful creations! Their soap bars contain all-natural elements, are coloured with clays and botanicals, and are never wrapped in plastic.

Lather, soothe, moisturize and revitalize Mom's tired body with these high-quality, sustainable products that are both gentle on the skin, and on the planet.

Waterloo-based Botany Barn creates high-quality, sustainable yet personal soaps that are waste-free and 100% customizable. They are handmade in small batches using organic ingredients, no palm oil or fragrance oils. From the smells to the colours, all of the ingredients used are food items you can find around your kitchen. Their efforts to minimize waste by using recycled materials, having minimal packaging, and offering unlabelled products, demonstrate their belief that the health of the planet is equally as important as the health of your skin.


Company: Rocky Mountain Soap Co.

Nothing feels better than soaking in a tub of warm water after a long day, and this toxin-free selection of Breathe Easy or Serenity Bath Salts from Rocky Mountain Soap Company will help Mom do just that. With different blends of botanicals, not only does it ease achy muscles, but it also helps in relieving anxiety for maximum relaxation.

Let Mom know that she can get pampered, all while knowing that the products are free from any toxins, the entire family is protected, and nothing harmful will be going down the drains, making these environmentally safe.

Rocky Mountain Soap Co. is proud to offer workshop tours in their Canmore, Alberta factory, although temporarily postponed due to the current situation. Their facility is made with a lot of used, reclaimed or salvaged materials and fixtures, and their products are all hand-made with a less-is-more policy of 10 or less ingredients that are 100% natural, simple, and easy-to-pronounce.

With a goal of becoming zero waste, they created the Rocky Returnables program, allowing customers to return empty bottles to their stores; where they are taken back to their eco-friendly workshop, sanitized, and reused. They also have a 1Ltr bottle refill program that saves 59% of plastics from ending up in landfills.


Company: Sḵwálwen Botanicals

Any new Mother will appreciate this Mum & Child Bundle from Sḵwálwen Botanicals, a trio containing Lulum Everything Balm, Bath & Body Oil, and Coco Oat Bath Soak. In the Squamish language, Lulum means to sing, representative of when a mother sings to soothe her child.

Sḵwálwen Botanicals is an Indigenous skincare line from Brackendale, BC, which uses respectfully harvested botanicals, organic oils, nourishing plant-derived butters and steam distilled essential oils. Sḵwálwen [skwall-win] translates to spiritual heart or essence of being, which describes the brand’s inspiration of building connections to the land through working with plants.

Sḵwálwen’s creator, Leigh, ancestral name Styawat, is from Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) First Nation - her mission is to contribute to cultural knowledge renewal in relation to Indigenous plant foods and medicines, by imparting teachings learned from, and connected to, the land.


Companies: SOJA&CO and Saje Natural Wellness

A beautiful and eco-friendly way to scent the home naturally, reed diffusers from Montreal-based SOJA&CO., and aromatherapy diffusers from Vancouver’s own, Saje Natural Wellness bring the soothing power and unique fragrances of essential oils to create a relaxing atmosphere.

SOJA&CO practices sustainability by using recycled Kraft paper for candle labels and the shipping of packages. and when possible, high-quality recycled cardboard boxes that can be reused more than a few times. With every purchase, SOJA&CO plants seeds across Canada where reforestation is needed and donate 1% of the annual sales to Tree Canada, a non-profit charitable organization that promotes the planting and nurturing of trees in Canada's urban and rural areas.

Moms will also appreciate Saje Natural Wellness Ultrasonic Diffusers (uses water and electronic frequencies to create a fine mist) as it releases ions that reduce dust, pet dander and other airborne allergens like dust mite matter. These diffusers are energy-efficient, heat-free, whisper-quiet, and work for 3 hrs continuously, and 6 hrs intermittently.

All of the ingredients used are derived from safe and renewable resources, and their packaging is simple and made of recycled or recyclable materials because they believe that what we put in our bodies directly relates to our own health, and the health of our planet.


Company: Pixie Mood

Minimalist, expandable, roomy, and made with Vegan leather. The Aurora Satchel from the Earth Series is a generously sized tote from Pixie Mood and comes with a removable wristlet. Convenience and ease of use are what Moms look for in a bag, and together this set is the perfect, flexible, grab-and-go carry-all for everyday essentials.

Since 2020, this Markham-based company has been lining 100% of their bags with recycled plastic bottles, and because of this initiative, they have already saved 52,637 plastic bottles from ending up in the landfill. They use corn-based biodegradable packaging as a sustainable alternative to plastic, and continue to take steps forward in sourcing materials that minimize their carbon footprint.


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Company: ProVokal

Phones are one of the most efficient and powerful devices created today to ease people’s workload, especially for Moms who balance the work-home-social-personal life. From appointments to emails to deliveries, everything can be organized and done, literally in the palm of your hands. For such an invaluable piece of technology, it needs to be properly protected.

ProVokal’s 100% biodegradable, anti-shock Be The Change iPhone case is made from natural materials such as soil, rice, soybeans, wheat, onions, carrots, pepper, and sawdust. This brilliant iPhone case, which decomposes in about 1 year, exemplifies its own message.

The Vancouver-based brand has a variety of wearable products that are consciously created, ethically sourced and made on-demand. Through these means, they address, and in essence, provoke, the push for social justice by bringing attention to societal issues.

ProVokal is exactly what they stand for. They empower artists to be vocal about crucial issues, such as inclusivity, mental health awareness, human rights, diversity, and sustainability. Their commitment to ethical fashion includes making items upon order and using eco-friendly materials, which are primarily sourced from, and manufactured humanely, in North America. Lastly, local fulfillment centres closest to the customer’s location are used to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping.

With an iPhone case that packs a punch, Moms can be vocal in promoting accountability and change, all while protecting the device that organizes an overscheduled parent’s life.

Last Words

No matter how you want to reward the Busy Mom in your life, don’t forget that supporting sustainable companies and practicing greener gifting also shows appreciation for Earth Mom.

What are your plans for making Mom feel special this year?