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9 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Foodies

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Dark chocolate squares with nuts stacked and tied with red and white string on top of paper.

Foodie culture has splashed onto the scene thanks to the help of social media - uncovering the avid food-lovers among us. Chances are, you have a foodie friend among your social circle; the one who's always talking about the newest take-out spot or sharing photos of their most recent meals online.

We'll also bet, there's likely a special occasion around the corner in which you'll need to think of a gift for your foodie friend or family member - and when that occasion comes - you'll be glad you stumbled upon our Canadian list of taste-bud-tingling and eco-friendly gifts for them.

At Good Earth Gifting, we know the importance of gift-giving as an avenue to spread the message of sustainability. Whether this message is coming from the giver or in the interest of the recipient, we believe that any time is an opportune time to think about the environmental impact of your purchases. Using your hard-earned dollars to support local artisans and businesses making great strides in employing sustainable practices in their operations is a win-win scenario. Not only are these companies doing what they can to help reduce waste and lower their carbon footprint but you are also getting products with clean, natural and familiar ingredients that are ethically procured. So the question becomes, why NOT purchase from these amazing companies and inspire a circular economy?


Company: The Chef Upstairs

Unique culinary venues located in Vaughn and Toronto, The Chef Upstairs offers an intimate dining experience with talented chefs and delicious food. The latter location (Toronto) offers a sustainable Food Lover's 5-Course Cooking Class, where talented chefs provide step-by-step instructions to prepare outstanding dishes using fresh, local ingredients. The class teaches participants the necessary skills to easily replicate dishes at home, while allowing for fun cooking collaborations and pairing of each course with the perfect wines.

Their 'food for everyone' philosophy is embodied through various classes offered and themed menus to cater to different tastes - all of which are 100% nut and peanut-free, and easily modified to accommodate allergies, dietary restrictions and preferences.

Looking for a chef catered dinner party? Their Private Chef at Home experience is perfect for small gatherings or big events, with limitless menu options and a full-service team to look after everything.

So whether it's their cooking class or hiring a private chef, the foodie in your life will love this unforgettable dining experience.

Maple syrup in glass bottle


Company: McCamus Maple Syrup

This is as pure as it gets! Located in Cavan, ON, the McCamus Family produces 100% Natural Maple Syrup from their farm with no artificial additives, while their Maple Butter is the whipped-up version with a smooth and fluffy texture. Once you have a taste of REAL maple syrup, you'll never go back.

Sustainability: They practice sustainable tapping, which means making the smallest, least invasive holes possible when collecting sap from Maple trees and only tap trees that have reached a maturity threshold (12 inches or 30 cm in diameter). This prevents hitting the heart of the tree, allowing it to heal itself. The smaller the tap hole, the quicker the healing process. Wood is also gathered from their forest floor, a carbon-neutral practice, to turn sap into maple syrup using their environmentally-friendly, high-efficiency instruments.


Company: Galerie Au Chocolat

Fact: we all love chocolate. Give your foodie friend a stay-at-home fondue experience with Galerie Au Chocolat’s deep, bold 72% Dark or creamy Matcha White Fair Trade Chocolate, which are both perfect accompaniments to any fruit, dessert or cheese course.

Various snack items: Barbecue flavoured chickpeas, Teriyaki flavoured Vegan Jerky, Popcorn, Chocolate and Bottle of Simple Syrup in a Kraft gift box

Sustainability: Headquartered in Saint Laurent, QC, Galerie au Chocolat believes sustainability is a rewarding mission for all parties involved. Their ingredients are ethically-sourced, all-natural, and contain no GMOs and their dark chocolates are vegan-friendly. They aim to source responsibly by working exclusively with environmentally friendly suppliers of raw materials, packaging, equipment, and services who benefit society and who share their vision of an eco-conscious brand actively working to bettering their supply chain.

Find Galerie Au Chocolat's Fair Trade chocolate in our Workday Snacks box.


Company: H.O.P.E Eco Farms

Giving butter as a gift may be somewhat of a long stretch but not when it’s one-of-a-kind. This Water Buffalo Butter from H.O.P.E Eco Farms in Aylmer, ON can be enjoyed as a spread or used as the perfect component for any recipe. With its smooth, creamy texture and sweet taste, it will definitely be a feel-good addition to their daily munch fest.

2 white blocks of butter - one forward-facing with logo and picture of cows eating grass. The other butter is shown on it's side with description of the butter.

Sustainability: You’ll be happy to know that H.O.P.E. Eco Farms is a collective community of Amish farmers who grow organic produce through eco-friendly practices. Every year, they decide mutually on what vegetables to grow to ensure there is enough variety and not an over-abundance of any one item. The Water Buffalo are raised on-site and all their dairy products are crafted locally.


Company: Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co.

How about a foursome sampler from Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co.? Handcrafted in Huntsville, ON their Truly Canadian Sampler includes flavours like Northern Lights, Lumberjack, Aki Organic Blend, and Granite Roast. Each roast is made with natural ingredients and has its own unique aroma and taste.

Four packs of  different flavoured coffee

Sustainability: Being a Certified B Corp means their business meets the highest verified standards of social and environmental transparency and accountability. With a focus on sustainability and the environment, Muskoka Roastery runs on 100% green electricity, green natural gas, and green fuel in all levels of their production to eliminate their energy-related emissions footprint. They are the first roaster in Canada to attain the 100% Rainforest Alliance certification and are proud to make the commitment to the environment and to be creating a cleaner, healthier Canada.


Company: Drizzle Honey

Honey would be a lovely pantry staple, and this Everyday Collection box set, which includes both White and Gold Honey, and a sustainable bamboo honey dipper will be just that. With such a versatile product it's great for drizzling on pancakes, sweetening smoothies, or even as an ingredient in their favourite recipes.

A black box containing 2 jars of honey. Left one is yellow, right one is white. A wooden honey drizzler leaning on the left side of the box.

Sustainability: What makes this collection a more heart-warming idea? Drizzle selectively sources bee-friendly hives and donates to pollinator research. A Certified B Corporation, Drizzle goes above and beyond in implementing green practices and is in support of local farmers. For a limited time, they are giving away pollinator garden seeds with qualifying orders!


Company: Southbrook Farms Limited

Have a great wine night with your foodie friend(s) starting with this 6-pack crisp and fruity Framboise from Southbrook Farms Limited. Better yet, plan a trip down and visit their winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON to see their architecturally eco-friendly facility together.

Six red-coloured wine bottles, with raspberry on the label

Sustainability: Southbrook Vineyards guarantees 100% locally-sourced grapes and is committed to sustainability with a number of certifications and initiatives to prove just that. Their entire vineyard has been deemed organic and biodynamic (meaning the farm's soil has a balanced interrelationship with its plants and animals). What’s unique about their facility is their self-regulating light and temperature energy consumption, making them the first to be awarded for their environmental design.