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8 Eco-Friendly Canadian Gift Ideas for Fall

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

A group of friends gathered around an outdoor table eating food.

Saying goodbye to summer may be bittersweet, but welcoming autumn sure is sweet and full of spice. The changing colour of the leaves making beautiful foliage signals the start of a joyful and festive season here in Canada. With upcoming events like Thanksgiving, Diwali, Oktoberfest, and Halloween just around the corner, celebrations with family, friends, and colleagues will be held left and right. What better way to make them feel special and appreciated than by giving them gifts? Here at Good Earth Gifting, we encourage eco-friendly giving. We believe being mindful of what we give to the people around us will create a ripple effect in sustainability, not just through gifting, but also through encouraging greener lifestyles. We put together a list of proudly local, eco-friendly, and gender-inclusive gifts you can give to the people you want to celebrate this fall season, whatever the reason may be.


Company: ecologyst

Victoria, British Columbia

Two individuals wearing tan coloured gender-neutral and sustainable sweaters made of 100% organic cotton.

The Heavyweight Henley from ecologyst’s fall collection is a gender-neutral, relaxed fit that’s perfect for easygoing days and outdoor escapades. A laid-back and adventurous family or friend will surely appreciate its timeless style and durability. The garment is made locally from certified 100% organic cotton which is known to be softer and more durable than the customary cotton. Aside from being biodegradable, the Heavyweight Henley is a Guaranteed For Life apparel, where ecologyst accepts repair and replacement of parts, such as worn-out zippers, to guarantee longer life for the garment. A small quantity of clothes and a high-quality wardrobe is what they want to encourage consumers to have.

ecologyst is a brand that was rooted in a “wake-up call”. Sitka, (founder) Rene Gauthier’s former clothing business, used synthetic fibres and produced them in a non-fair trade factory in Guangzhou, China. Realizing their practices weren’t completely aligned with their sustainability values and vision, ecologyst was born. Now, they manufacture their clothes in their factory and headquarters to lessen waste and emissions. Making sustainability the heart of their brand – they are proudly local, all-natural, and ethical from start to finish. Intentionally releasing smaller collections with better materials that can last through seasons. Moreover, the brand carbon offsets all the shipping through Pachama, while they give 1% of purchases by contributing to the preservation and restoration of our planet.

ecologyst films is another sustainability effort in aiming to inspire creatives through storytelling. This independent film production company has made award-winning films about nature, wild explorations, mindful living, and the beautiful biodiversity of British Columbia.


Company: tentree

Vancouver, British Columbia

There are two individuals wearing organic cotton canvas jackets. The jackets are compostable. One person is wearing a caramel jacket, and the other has on an olive green jacket.

Keep the people you love warm and stylish during the cold autumn days with tentree’s organic cotton canvas jacket. Made with the comfiest materials, this jacket is layered in a water-resistant finish and fully lined with a combination of organic cotton and Kapok. Kapok is drawn from the dried fruit of the Kapok tree, which makes a plant-based, fully compostable fibre. You may not believe it, but this coat is 99% compostable! Once it reaches the end of its life cycle, just remove and recycle its buttons – then it can return to its original form on Earth.

tentree is an Earth-first and mission-first company fully dedicated to prioritizing the planet and people first with continuous sustainable goals and values. Planting 10 trees for every item purchased is their number 1 mission. “We started a tree-planting company that sells apparel, not the other way around,” co-founder, Emsley, said to Business Insider. Since the writing of this article, they have planted over 63 million trees throughout Canada, Indonesia, Madagascar, and Peru. Their goal is to plant 1 billion trees by 2030.

While making apparel generates huge waste and carbon footprint, they are being innovative in reducing them and creating more ways for their supply chain to be circular. As an example, a tentree sweatshirt uses an average of 75% less water compared to other sweatshirts. Designed in Canada, their clothing is ethically manufactured around the world. The company takes pride in their ethical manufacturing and code of conduct wherein its partnered factories aim to meet the highest standards when it comes to sustaining ethical labour rights. They ensure every worker is well-compensated with a living wage higher than the minimum wage, gets rest days, and has insurance coverage. Being transparent with their business practices and social responsibility, tentree has shown what it’s like to be a trailblazer and a changemaker, thus being recognized as a Certified B Corporation.


Company: Frank and Oak

Montréal, Quebec

A person wearing a dark green hoodie made of Drirelease polyester, organic cotton, and spandex.

A sustainable cozy hoodie ideal for family or friends who’s into loungewear. Wearing the dark green colour of fall (like the leaves in the trees) will surely get them into the autumn vibes. It’s made of Drirelease® polyester, organic cotton, and spandex. Using the Drirelease® technology makes the garment more comfortable and warm with temperature control. It’s a cool feature that doesn’t let the moisture touch the skin and sends it straight to the exterior of the fabric where it can evaporate quickly.

Frank and Oak is a company that breathes sustainability. It shows across all their sustainable practices and goals: from their design philosophy, fabrics they use, plastic-free packaging, to their “leave no trace” policy in their office. The company has made it their mission to bring change to our planet by contributing high-quality and made-to-last sustainable products. Fabrics and materials are all mindfully sourced promising durability and style. The fabrics are made of Hemp, Kapok, SeaCell™, Post-Consumer Recycled Cotton, and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), among others. Frank and Oak’s office and brick and mortar stores consist of locally sourced, and upcycled furniture. In addition, they have led and joined sustainable drives including:

  • ‘A plog against trash’ in partner with Earth Day;

  • Ocean clean-up, partnered with WWF Canada and Oceanwise;

  • ‘Let’s give a shi(r)t’ movement where they encourage people to drop off lightly used clothes in their stores, and they work with grassroots non-profits throughout Canada who prevent the garments from going to the landfills and redistribute them to people in need;

  • In partnership with One Tree Planted, reforestation of the Amazon for every purchase made during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Company: The Good Tee

Toronto, Ontario

An individual wearing a black sweater, jeans, and the Infinity Capsule Scarf from The Good Tee, a Toronto-based eco-friendly company dedicated to sustainable design and ethical manufacturing for sustainable clothing.

The Infinity Capsule Scarf is an extra layer of warmth that can be worn in 20+ ways. It goes along with any outfit: from dressing down, up, or somewhere in between. The buttons can transform the scarf into a shirt, a vest, a shawl, a head- covering, even a blanket! Just like its name – there are infinite ways to wear it. It’s purposeful and functional, making it a great addition to any capsule wardrobe. You’ll be glad to know it’s made from super-soft, mid-weight certified organic cotton, and eco-friendly dyes guaranteed by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

The Good Tee’s mission is to make a positive impact in the fashion industry and our planet through producing responsibly made apparel basics and taking care of the people who make them. Founded in 2020, the brand has been making extensive progress in sustainability. From seed to shelf, they are transparent with the whole production process of their supply chain. Choosing certified organic cotton as the main material wasn’t a hard choice because they believe in its overall goodness for the environment, farmers, skilled craftsmen, and consumers. It doesn’t contain toxic chemicals, uses 71% less water, and preserves 62% of energy compared to conventional cotton. A trusted ally to farmers in India and craftsmen in both India and Canada by ensuring they are fairtrade certified. The brand celebrates its people and imposes slower production schedules, ethical working conditions, and fair deals for everyone. The Good Tee is a Certified B Corporation for humanizing the fashion industry.


Company: Norden

Montréal, Quebec

Individual wearing a maroon Nisse Knit Toque from Montreal-based company, Norden. The sustainable company is committed to creating clothing out of 100% recycled and repurposed materials.

The Nisse Knit Toque is here to keep you fashionably warm on those crisp fall nights. A certified REPREVE product – it is repurposed from post-consumer plastic bottles. Norden has been saving over a million plastic bottles ending in the landfill since being established in 2018.

In Canada, there are several known brands that produce outerwear, but what sets Norden apart is its commitment to changing the game for the future of consumerism. The brand aims to provide better choices in the present for people who have the same values and same hopes for the tomorrow of our planet.

The whole structure of the business is done in a sustainable approach. Products and packaging are produced from 100% recycled and repurposed materials. Protecting animal rights is part of its moral principles – being completely vegan and PETA-approved, they do not use fur, leather, or any animal by-products. You can certainly get behind their movement since they are a Certified B Corporation – meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact.


Company: Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Kelowna, British Columbia

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate this cheerful gathering with the people you love than to drink wine… and lots of it! A table full of feast deserves to be paired with a selection of delicious and aromatic drinks. Summerhill Pyramid Winery curated an assortment of Thanksgiving Wine-Care Pack consisting of a mix of subtle and flavourful wines that are organically and biodynamically made.

Six wine bottles from Summerhill Pyramid Winery, a company in British Columbia that specializes in vegan wine-making practices.