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Sustainable Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

A group of individuals in an office environment, clapping facing colleagues standing in front of them.

Successful businesses understand how valuable their workforce is, and realize the importance of recognition in boosting employee morale, productivity and retention. Being in the midst of the Great Resignation, more companies are looking for ways to celebrate employees, appreciate their teams, and encourage a work-life balance. Being sustainable while doing so will elevate a company’s internal values of reducing environmental impact and resonate with their people.


Because people are a business’s greatest asset. They are a source of knowledge and skills and represent a company's brand and leadership - a direct impact on public and client perception.

Integrating sustainable practices into a company’s operations shows corporate responsibility and can play a major role in employee satisfaction while attracting new talent. When done correctly, it is a conscious effort that does not go unnoticed by those who align with these values.

‘Take the time to appreciate employees and they will reciprocate in a thousand ways.’ ― Bob Nelson


To celebrate Employee Appreciation Day, we at Good Earth Gifting, explore employee-centric ways to build a culture that acknowledges each team member in an inclusive and supportive work environment:

Thank You spelled out with blocks of letters, with a yellow heart in between Thank and You

Host an Employee Appreciation Event

Recognition is a powerful motivator, and leaders are cognizant of the impact it has on work performance and employee engagement. Research shows that lack of recognition accounts for 40% of why employees feel demotivated.

Because most work weeks are focused on developing the business, Employee Appreciation Day is a welcomed change to remind workplaces to celebrate each team member.

Hosting an Employee Appreciation Event is a great way to casually connect and give staff a break from work. Honouring their contributions increases morale, which in turn makes for better client relations or customer service - shown in this study.

With a strong sustainability program also proven to improve employee productivity, we recommend getting in touch with Romina Kwong, a Canadian sustainability consultant and founder of Eco-Friendly Events, helping businesses develop and implement accessible, realistic approaches to green company initiatives and events.

Give Gifts with Purpose

Good Earth Gifting's Bath Essentials Gift Box. Contains eco-friendly bath essentials and reusables including shampoo and conditioner bars, facial rounds. shower gel, soap. bamboo toothbrush, silk floss, body cream, bath soak and bath salts with a mesh drawstring bag

A great way to boost morale and celebrate employees is by giving gifts (no matter the occasion) that exemplify company values and mission. In this employee happiness survey, 45% of those who responded said they ‘believe appreciation gifts reflect their value at a company.’

When it comes to gifts, one size rarely fits all, and while gift cards and other generic giveaways are welcome, they are easily forgotten because they lack meaning. Gifts that align with employees’ values in sustainability and giving back to the community will help them feel more connected to the organization.

Good Earth Gifting is an eco-friendly corporate gifting company promoting multi-functional, eco-conscious products from local Canadian businesses that have values rooted in social and/or environmental responsibility.​ Every gift is packaged with sustainable products, shipped in low-waste packaging and supports Canadian reforestation.

Create a Culture of Self-Care and Wellness

An individual in an office setting, meditating with eyes closed and elbows on the table while thumbs and middle fingers pressed together. Person is sitting on a chair and is in front of a laptop.

Fostering a work culture that encourages open conversations regarding self-care, wellness and mental health is essential for modern businesses.

The average 40 hour workweek gets blurred with increased work-from-home opportunities. As a result, separating professional and personal lives becomes difficult. It has become increasingly clear that weaving self-care throughout the day is better for maintaining a balanced work life, reducing stress and promoting overall mindfulness - something companies are learning to encourage.

Over 75% of employees want time during their workday to reset with simple, actionable steps for calming, energizing and relaxation. Meditation and yoga are also healthy break activities with many proven benefits - implementing these in the workplace not only creates better-performing employees who are able to better manage stress, but it also gives businesses a competitive advantage in today’s ever-changing environment.

Invest in team members - and the business - by carrying out healthy break time activities like these from Meditainment LIVE!, a 30-40 minute interactive audio and visual experience to focus the mind, and Retreatify’s Yoga and Mindfulness sessions to stay mentally and physically healthy. The great thing about these? They can be done in person or remotely.

Write a ‘Thank You’ Card

Eco-friendly card with a leafy branch design and Thank You written

Personalized hand-written cards require time and effort, which leaves an impression with its recipients. They are a tried and true way to express gratitude to an employee’s performance.

While a lot of thought goes into the words written in the cards, think about how cards are made. According to Recycled Greeting Cards, 7 billion greeting cards are purchased each year in America, which is equivalent to 140,000 tons of paper and 2.5 million trees cut down each year. As a sustainable workplace can improve employee productivity, a small switch to eco-friendly greeting cards can communicate a company’s commitment to sustainability.

Alternatively, go paperless with greetings online from companies like Free eCards or Greenvelope.

Celebrate Small Wins. Often.

Thumbs up hand signals joined in a circle.

Achieving big goals doesn’t happen overnight. Keep teams motivated by recognizing and even rewarding them for their victories, no matter the size. With raised spirits, an appreciated employee will be driven to continue working towards their next accomplishment.

Start the workday on a positive note with pep talks and hold motivational meetings regularly to celebrate team successes as well as individual ones. More than 60% of workers want to see their colleagues’ praised more frequently by managers and leaders. These are great opportunities to let employees know they matter.

Business is all about people; business is all about relationships. When it comes down to it, recognition and appreciation are keys to building positive relationships, improving work environments and retaining valuable staff - getting them more engaged and invested at work.

Richard Branson said it best, ‘take care of your employees and they will take care of your business.’ It’s as simple as that.

Tell us how your business celebrates its team members. Or if you’re an employee, let us know what your most memorable recognition was.

Shop our eco-friendly corporate gifts here. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok for more tips on sustainability in the workplace.

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