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14 Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifting Companies in Canada

Updated: May 30, 2023

Good Earth Gifting's Kraft gift boxes. On the left, is one that is closed and wrapped with a just ribbon and plantable seed card. The one on the right contains eco-friendly products (a bottle of simple syrup, soy wax candle, bath blend, soap bar, coconut scrub brush and loofah sponge

No one wants to see the environment polluted, but at the same time, we love receiving gifts as tokens of appreciation at work. The more gifts we give, the more waste there is likely to be, which is why sustainable gifts are growing in popularity among employers now more than ever before. A gift must be seen as having a positive impact on the environment to be considered sustainable. Luckily, there are a lot of sustainable products that make excellent gifts, whether they are made from recycled materials, sustainably sourced materials, reusable, or actively discourage the use of wasteful materials such as plastic.

Simply put, eco-friendly corporate gifting refers to gifts that help your clients and employees reduce waste and live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Eco-friendly gifting also allows you to make a statement about the values of your company.

Businesses are shifting to greener gifting practices for a variety of reasons:

1. Sends out a strong message about company values

Customers in Canada reading messages from eco-friendly gifting companies

Choosing high-quality eco-friendly corporate gifts over disposable alternatives shows that your company is willing to go green whenever possible. It demonstrates that your company does more than simply publish a defined sustainability statement on the company website.

According to Cone Communications, 92% of customers prefer companies that actively support environmental issues over those that do not, and 87% are more likely to buy products with benefits that support these causes.

2. Boosts the brand image

Sustainable corporate gifts made from renewable resources, recycled, compostable, or recyclable materials, or gifts that help consumers live more sustainably, are a sure way to boost your brand's image. According to a study conducted by IBM and the National Retail Federation, roughly 70% of US and Canadian consumers believe that a brand's sustainability or eco-friendliness is very important.

3. Customer Loyalty

Consumers are becoming more tech-savvy and environmentally conscious; therefore, businesses that take environmental responsibility seriously tend to have more loyal customers. According to, while 66% of global customers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods, more than 73% of millennials are willing to do the same.

Employees are pleased with their company's environmentally friendly initiatives.

4. Employee satisfaction

Employees value working for environmentally conscious companies more than ever before. An eco-friendly and personalized corporate gift may make your employee feel like a valued member of the team, but it also confirms that your company represents the values they seek. Check out our blog on eco-friendly gifts for colleagues to find out which gift is best for your coworkers.

List of eco-friendly corporate gifting companies in Canada

Good Earth Gifting's kraft gift box, containing eco-friendly self-care products

Toronto, ON

An eco-friendly corporate gifting company located in Toronto. They are a sustainable solution providing eco-friendly products sourced from sustainable Canadian brands and shipped in 100% recyclable packaging. Every supplier with whom they work produces cruelty-free products.

Bird's eye view of Raven Rising's Callebaut Ruby - white chocolate with candied lilac, rose and edible gold flakes

Sudbury, ON

An e-commerce chocolate shop located in Sudbury, Ontario. Their chocolates are made with traditional ingredients sourced from Indigenous peoples and businesses in Canada and around the world. They strive to provide ingredients that are sustainable, ethically sourced, traceable, Fair Trade, and organic.

Toronto, ON

A full-service environmentally and socially sustainable florist in Toronto. Features local, Fair Trade and organic options. All locally-purchased orders are delivered on foot or by a fuel-efficient hybrid electric car.

BeeLocal416's honeycomb drizzled with honey from the honey dipper above it

Toronto, ON

Elegant honey and honey products sourced from local beehives in Toronto. Their honeybee hives are kept in backyards and on rooftops as part of their sustainable agriculture initiative. They are cared for by urban Registered Beekeepers who use organic, sustainable methods.

Toronto, ON

Cup of Te's selection of sustainably-sourced teas including mint, pomegranate and apples.

Handpicked, organic, and ethically sourced teas, with a new line of biodegradable tea bags. A one-stop shop for the finest loose-leaf organic teas and teaware in the world. Driven to overcome the obstacles, they add something extra beneficial to communities by donating $1 from each Starter Kit to mental health awareness.

Use code GEG15 for 15% off on Cup of Te purchases.

Toronto, ON

Brazilian-style chocolate, handcrafted in small batches in-house, made entirely from scratch with fresh, Fair Trade ingredients sourced locally. They are the first Toronto-based chocolate crafting business exclusively dedicated to a whole Brazilian-style chocolate experience.

Toronto, ON

Makers of high-quality, all-natural skincare products for self-care enthusiasts. They manufacture small-batch, cruelty-free products in Toronto with minimal waste and pack them in environmentally friendly packaging. They have also pledged to donate 1% of their annual sales to environmental charities.

A line-up of Wildcraft's high-quality skincare products in different containers, including glass bottles, jars and aluminum spray bottles

Hamilton, ON

A popular gift among coworkers, Hamilton-based Coffeecology offers subscriptions to their fair trade, organic, and bird-friendly blends. With a mission to create positive changes with just good coffee, they support the Cafe Femenino Foundation, a movement that empowers women in remote coffee-growing regions in nine countries.

A hand holding a biodegradable golf tee with a biodegradable golf ball sitting on topa

Vancouver, BC

Offers high-quality, non-toxic golf balls that dissolve in water, as well as biodegradable bamboo golf tees. These golf balls are made of corn starch and are coated with a non-toxic PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) coating for protection. No-guilt golf ball shooting for making relaxing memories while not harming the environment!

Victoria, BC

Unique and artistic wood pieces, handcrafted from locally sourced, discarded wood and metal and finished with food-safe oils and beeswax. Wood is derived from logging refuse or areas harvested for other types of timber using eco-friendly techniques and practices.

Ravensong's handcrafted soap bars in a swirl of red, black and ivory colours

Campbell River, BC

Their artisan soaps are handcrafted in small batches using natural ingredients and the traditional cold-pressed method, representing the creator's Haida Gwaii heritage, representing sustainable community initiatives.

Courtenay, BC

A collection of traditional and contemporary Northwest Coast artwork created by First Nations artists expressing authentic Indigenous culture. They have high operating standards and cultural content, allowing visitors to interact with Aboriginal people during their cultural tourism experience.

A trio Milk Jar's candles surrounded by different ingredients and flowers

Calgary, AB

Soy candles are made by hand with coconut soy wax and natural wood wicks that burn cleanly. They provide Jar Return and Candle Refillery Programs to reduce their environmental footprint.

Trois-Rivières, QC

Handcrafts and hand extracts million-year-old Quebec stones, as well as, transforms recycled wood into luxury, long-lasting lifestyle products, which make perfect gifts. Lithologie chooses to work with local suppliers and manufacturers, and they focus on a 'circular model,' which involves using wood scraps from factories that produce wooden planks.

Lithologie's Hornblende Gneiss whisky stones in their recycled walnut wood base

The future of gifting

This year's top corporate gifting trend is sustainability. With the holidays quickly approaching, businesses are requesting practical and responsible gift items to both align with their brand's values and meet customer demands.

According to a 2019 study, 46% of people have a more favourable opinion of a company if the gift they receive is environmentally friendly. Many businesses are beginning to recognize the value of choosing branded sustainable gifts that are of high quality and that recipients will want to use.

With Good Earth Gifting's sustainable initiatives and practices, the future of gifting is on the right path. GEG is a company that educates about environmentally friendly practices and encourages other businesses to do the same.

To get started, browse our curated corporate gift boxes or customize a gift right on our website.

Searching for more environmentally-friendly gifts? Shop our curated gift boxes. Good Earth Gifting is a sustainable corporate gifting platform that aims to educate individuals about eco-friendly initiatives, support local Canadian businesses, and inspire gifting for the good of the Earth. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to join the conversation!

Each brand we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our team. Should you make a purchase from the included links, we may earn a small commission.


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