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Why Your Company Should Celebrate Bike to Work Day

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Pedestrians walking and people riding their bikes.

Bike to Work Day is a spring event held all over the world that promotes cycling as an environmentally friendly option for commuting to work. It is an annual tradition that encourages workers to get fresh air and exercise during their commute. This year, it will be taking place on May 20th, 2022 - a great time to promote workplace wellness and sustainability following Earth Month. A lot of people are not aware that various forms of transit such as cars, trucks and buses contribute to 26% of Canada’s greenhouse emissions. The transportation sector is one of the top sources of climate emissions. Simply put, biking is a healthy way to reduce carbon emissions and inspire employees to get active.

Benefits of Bike to Work Day

Three coworkers in a workplace having a conversation.

1. Gives Employees a Soft Reset

The topic of Bike to Work Day makes room for a deeper conversation involving mental health initiatives for employees. First of all, Bike to Work Day caters to the mental health needs of employees and helps to improve employee morale and productivity. As discussed in our previous articles, it is important to foster a work culture that focuses on self-care, wellness and mental health. A 40-hour work week can oftentimes leave employees feeling stressed, anxious and burnt out. It is crucial to interweave self-care and wellness into the heart of a business’ work culture as it helps to maintain a better work-life balance, reduces stress and promotes mental health initiatives. It has been proven that more than 75% of employees need time in their workday to reset and Bike to Work Day provides ample time for them to do so.

Two individuals riding their bikes down a street.

2. Gives Employees the Opportunity to Exercise

Bike to Work Day provides another benefit as exercise correlates to an improvement in a person’s mood. Biking to work encourages people to get fresh air and exercise, encouraging them to take a break from prolonged usage of their screens - which has been especially crucial since the lockdowns where there has been a significant increase in sedentary lifestyles. Also, the sustainability of Bike to Work Day will help keep staff healthy and happy. The pleasant work environment will help to increase morale by 55% and increase employee loyalty by 38%.

Individuals brainstorming and discussing their ideas in a workplace.

3. Improves Employee Engagement

Bike to Work Day creates opportunities for employee engagement and team building. It helps to reintroduce in-person events and keep the focus on relationship-building activities. Employers can find a way to introduce healthy office competition with the intent of promoting sustainability within the company. Coworkers can form teams and compete against each other for the most miles biked or the most days biked. A tally can be kept of how long each cyclist has biked and a finish line can be made for the bikers with volunteers who are cheering to lift the participants’ spirits. This event can mirror the Let’s Bike Ottawa campaign which is a monthly event in June where cyclists log their bike rides to win prizes and gauge their environmental impact. Additionally, in the spirit of sustainability and employee appreciation, sustainable snacks can be given at the finish line to foster team engagement. Zero waste sandwich lunches can be prepared using reusable bags and containers.

A person wrapping up a gift.

4. Makes Room for Sustainable Gifting

More on the spirit of team building, employers can also reward their employees with gifts for completing the challenge of hitting a team goal. Staff members who receive gifts at work tend to be happier and more productive. Thoughtful corporate gifts are a great way to show employee appreciation and communicate a business’s sustainable initiatives - which Good Earth Gifting really values. We at Good Earth Gifting, have numerous sustainable gifts such as the On-The-Go Gift Box which includes a water bottle and a travel kit. This eco-friendly gift box will help to keep bikers hydrated and safe in their travels. The second option ideal for bikers is our Self care gift box. After a long cycle, riders are able to use the bath sea salt in the gift box to ease their aching muscles.

Not only does Bike to Work Day provide ample opportunities for employee wellness, exercise and engagement, but it speaks to the heart of sustainability. In times like these where everyone is seeking the fastest form of transportation possible, sometimes it is important to pause and reflect on how the most convenient option may not always be what is best for the environment around us. While biking to work is a slower route to getting to work, we truly believe that it is worth giving a try every now and then. Sustainability is defined as meeting our current needs while not compromising the needs of future generations. In our haste to meet our needs, it is important to remember that we are caretakers of the earth and that we should strive to leave it in the best possible conditions for future generations.

Bike to Work Day Resources

For those who are not as used to biking to work, here are a few helpful articles that will help prepare you for the upcoming event: Need to Know When Biking in Toronto, StreetSmartsTO and Cycling to Work Commuting Basics (for those not living in Central Ontario, check their local guidelines). As you venture into your Bike to Work Day, remember to have fun and take pride in the positive impact you are making on the world around you, your environment and your wellbeing.

If you're looking for partners to green up your operations, check out Good Earth Gifting's handy Green Business Partners reference guide. It is a handy reference tool enumerating courier services promoting bike culture and logistics companies that are helping reduce their carbon footprint.

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