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Good Earth Gifting's Environmental Impact

Our journey to offering you the most sustainable gifting out there is one we take seriously. As businesses, you are a driving force in fuelling environmental change, we want to help get you there. Gifting may be a small part of your business, but it is one where you can make a big impact.


We spend a lot of time looking into ways to lower our carbon footprint so we can reduce yours, too. We stand by our accountability when it comes to making decisions for our business with the environment in mind.


The three main components we address are: Suppliers, Packaging, and Business Operations.

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  • We partner strictly with local Canadian businesses. By sourcing close to home, we reduce our carbon footprint caused by  shipping.

  • Every supplier we work with produce cruelty-free, Canadian-made products using natural ingredients or materials.

  • We ensure our supply companies are committed to making their products sustainably and as eco-friendly as possible through our extensive selection process.

  • We are always looking to improve our selection of products and supplier partnerships as we gain further knowledge in what it means to be a truly sustainable brand. If you are a business that lives by this ethos, send us a message

  • Everything from our packaging is compostable: from the Kraft boxes and filling to the seed cards, Kraft tape and ribbon.

  • We intentionally keep our gift boxes unbranded to encourage recipients to reuse them.

  • Instead of an ink-based logo stamp on our seed cards, we have opted for an embosser - a tool that will last us a lifetime while using less product.

  • When shipping our gift boxes, they are placed in a reused box - a more sustainable option to mailer bags that still protects the contents of the package.

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  • Our fully remote team helps cut emissions from commuting as well as energy consumption from powering a large building.

  • To encourage a circular economy, we try not to buy new where we can. As an example, over 80% of our office furniture were purchased secondhand.

  • To deliver our packages within certain Toronto neighbourhoods, we work with a local courier service, Good Foot, which employs neuro-diverse individuals who deliver our packages via public transit or on foot.

  • We prioritize giving back to Planet Earth and our community through Good Earth Gifting's Pay It Forward program - where proceeds from every sale are donated to a non-profit organization.

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We believe sustainability and fostering a circular economy are the future. While it's easier to implement this on an individual level, we want to help businesses adopt this in practice as well. Gifts are an overlooked opportunity for businesses to convey their core values - by choosing sustainable gifting, you can speak volumes.

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