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Think of us as an extension of your company's sustainable initiatives with eco-conscious gifts that reflect your company values

Who We Are

We are a team of passionate individuals obsessed with curating sustainable gifts that leave a lasting impression. We dream of a future where every corporate gift is intentional, supports conscious brands, and gives back to the local community.


We know that making the switch to sustainable gifting can be daunting, but we’re here to help! Our team has curated a selection of sustainable gifts that we know your clients and employees will love.


We believe that sustainable gifting should be the norm, not the exception. With Good Earth Gifting, you can be sure that your gifts are not only beautiful and unique, but also sustainable and earth-friendly.

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Our Story

Working in the corporate world, we were tired of seeing the hundreds of gifts given out each year that were:

  1. Wrapped in and filled with plastic packaging 

  2. Contained items that were often not what recipients wanted (causing more waste) 

  3. Sourced from companies that didn’t have sustainable values 


We believe these funds could be redirected to build our local economy and support Canadian small businesses that have ambitious eco-friendly values. We decided to be that change by building relationships and working closely with companies looking to revamp their gifting program and in turn, help them incorporate more sustainable initiatives into their operations.

Our Mission

To make sustainability accessible to all businesses - starting with the way you gift.

Giving back is in our DNA. As a business, we feel a duty to the people and the environment. Together, we can support missions in rebuilding Canadian forests and oceans.

Alongside creating awesome gifts and services, our team is dedicated to helping you shift to more sustainable business practices by sharing resources with clear, actionable steps. We aim to be an educational and informative platform that inspires greener gifts and a healthier planet.

Forest Lake


Our work wouldn't be possible without the amazing people behind our mission. When you work with us, you are working with a group of dedicated individuals who strive to make your experience with Good Earth Gifting an enjoyable one.






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